2016 Sem 2 Club Shirt Order!!!

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2016 Sem 2 Club Shirt Order!!!

Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:16 pm

Hey Everyone.

What’s that? You’ve got $20? and you’re looking for a come up!? Well order some threads now so you can walk up to the crag like “what up I’ve got my brand new Cliffhangers Club Shirt”.

This year's shirt design is Carl and Quickies diamond design, as voted by you for 2016 (see below). So join the rest of us, or get a heap more for general shenanigans, and grab some shirts and hoodies so people know that you too are one of those sexy climbers from QUT.

You too could look as sic as Josiah!

To stand out, you have the option of choosing your shirt in any colour you like - see the options below. Hoodies are available only in navy. There are also Muscle Tees and Women's Singlets. All the better for them lats!

Make your order through the Cliffhangers Shop. Closing date for orders will be in 2 weeks on Friday 21st, so we can get these bad boys asap, so you'd better hurry! Shirts, singlet and muscle tees are $20 each, hoodies are $40.




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