AGM, October 25th

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AGM, October 25th

Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:02 pm

Hi Everyone!!

Hope you are all having a swell week!

So awesome news, the AGM is coming up super fast! YAY!

The AGM is really important as it is the meeting where we vote for the exec team for 2014!
Thank you for those who have already emailed me their nominations, and I would like to remind everyone to keep them coming!

Ok, so here are the details for the AGM:

Date: Friday, 25th October
Time: 7pm sharp!

Following the meeting there will be a BBQ, a keg, the movie Wideboyz (it is actually amazing), and an all round little party!

Everyone come along, older members (in years in the club I mean), and brand new members, all come along and participate in the voting, the discussions and the BBQ and movie afterwards- It's going to rock (pun is fully intended)!

So summing up! Email me nominations and come to the meeting on the 25th!

Don't worry, I will send plenty of emails as the date gets closer!

Have a great week,

Mon :)

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