April meeting minutes

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April meeting minutes

Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:28 pm

April Meeting:
- Aaron
- Jena
- Steve
- Steve
- Michelle
- Lauren

- Shawl
- Ryan
- Nathan
- Lachlan
- Ryan
- TJ
- Monica
Presidents Report:
- Additional shed keys: need more, 5?
- SCAP grant, future applications can be documents. Outcome still to come
- Urbanville: free bbq went well
- Brooyar: bbq went well too
- Club society meeting: funding to clubs allocated
- Point perp:
- Urban climb voucher
- Incident at frog
- Still no online saver
- No interest on bank acct
- Still waiting for tokens
- 2013 club shirts
- Stickers have arrived
- Signed over pay pal account to Steve J.
- Dom slackline academy: circus space wanting to sublet it to someone
- Buy travel insurance for drivers for leadership camp
- 39 new paid new members
QM report
- Gear before trips
- Spreadsheet for hiring out gear
- Inventory reasonably up to date
- 18 dynamics
- 65 rope protectors
- If have rope wash the rope
Trips report
- Reimbursement for the brooyar sites - $610 – still required
Agenda Items
- When positing in trips say to get gear from KP the week prior
- Post in the descriptions on what you need for seconding
Canyoning trip at urbanville:
- Rescue skills one required for club canyoning gear usage
- Mandatory to back up all abseils at canyoning trips with prusack
(tj, seconded by ryan and Shawl
Brooyar: gear needs, helmets are mandatory and need to post up if you need it
- No helmet = no belaying and no climbing absolutely
Frog trip
- Ground fall on infinity (5-6 metres), no serious injuries
- Trad leading: stricter implementation of signing off, and supervisation of trad climbing by a signed off trad leader, similar to the process implemented for sports leading
- Motion: Skills weighting should be less in the application for new members- half the points allocated to if you are a trad or sport leader: approved
Merge member and skills spreadsheet:
- Have list of members and their skill level
- Having an updated skills list of members, presented each meeting to help withsigning off gear etc. Motion: tj, passed:
Reminder document of basic rules and procedures:
- Updated procedures within the club, in the wiki and link it to emails
- All exec to contribute to this document
Point perp:
- Motion: $200 for those who now want to come, passed
- Drivers: Ryan and Shawl
- Transfers for bond
- Travel insurance

Associate member payment:
- Increase by 30% starting may 1st
Camping trip:
- Highlight these are social events as well as climbing events

Appendix: reports in detail:
Presidents Report April 2013

• Dave Reeve RE: additional KP shed keys
• Sophie Curtis RE: SCAP grant
• Stacey Percival RE: Knee Injury
• Stuart RE: Wilderness First Aid Course
• Urbenville weekend: free BBQ
• Brooyar weekend
• Beach Party
Club Business
• CSC committee meeting
• Guild funding received
• Waiting on outcome of SCAP funding
• Still pending to be authorised to approve transactions on CBA account
• Campus volunteer award $500 paid into account
To be done
• Finalisation of PtPerp Trip
• Pick up Urban climb discount vouchers (if jena hasn’t already)
Agenda items
• Kangaroo Point shed keys and management
• Incident Report

Vice Presidents Report - April 2013
SCAP Funding - Application submitted with funding request of $40,412.00. A big thanks
to TJ and Ryan for their assistance in the application.
Kangaroo Point (Monday and Wednesday nights) - Numbers are still strong considering
the time of semester. We are still averaging 25+ climbers per night.
Membership - Still having heaps of applications through the system. We have had a
further 28 applications in the last month, sitting at 133 YTD. 19 new members have paid
in the last 30 month, totalling ~106 financial members.
Nathan Going on Work Placement - As of Monday 22 April, I am commencing 6 weeks
placement, whereby I may need to spend a reduced time involved with club activities.
Agenda Items:
Brooyar Camping - What went on here and what we can do to mitigate the issues next

Quartermaster’s Report
It’s been a quite month in terms other than trip organisation.
Management and maintenance:
• Unfortunately the QD labelling style needs work. Steve and I are in talks about how to sort this out

• Reminder: If you have a club rope you must wash it yourself. Soap handouts pending.

• Reminder: only financial members will be allowed to hire gear.

• To avoid shortages like the one at Brooyar please know that we prefer you request gear needed for trips before a KP session so we can give it to you before trips.
This greatly minimises the amount of clutter in my car/ space issues.

• Goals for next month:
o Improve the lending scheme
o Work on the accuracy of the inventory list


Social report, 15/4/13

-nothing, as both Michelle and I were away
-did anyone go to Jungle/animal theme climb…did anyone participate? I still have lollies soo will reschedule one for next week

-BANFF film fest on Thursday (and rest of weekend, but people seem to be going then)

-looking to organise official blood drive day to get some good numbers, as we all have awesome veins from climbing and they’ll love us for it (and you get food/drink, so don’t be sooks, it hardly hurts)

-May 3: Wine and Cheese ‘cocktail party warm-up’ at MacKenzie’s in KP, tix will be ready to be sold starting Wednesday…thinking 8-12, $8 members/$10 non, we’ll provide wine, cheese and some other nibbles, no liquor/beer so it doesn’t get tooo ridiculous and end with people trying to absail off his roof or anything… Roaring 20’s theme sounds fun…

Skills report - April 2013
Sorry for this report being so brief and not being able to attend.
A huge thank you to TJ getting a list together of star new members. This will greatly help passing on skills to the next gen of exec members.
Have seen really positive attitude down at the cliff with skills being passed on to new members.
Rescue skills is fast approaching but with such a poor turn out for RS1 it will be difficult to teach the full set of rescue skills.
RS2 builds on a foundation of RS1, if you don't attend RS1 it's a bit shaky.

We will run people through multi pitch skills so the seconders know what to expect Sunday (first multi pitch trip of semester

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