Caves Route - Sat 17/3/18 DATE CHANGED

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Caves Route - Sat 17/3/18 DATE CHANGED

Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:33 pm

After the awesome Sunday at Andromeda, I'm sure you're all raring for another trip to the Glass House Mountains. Well here's your chance...

On Saturday we will be heading to Mt Tibrogargan to climb the Caves Route, a classic 300m ascent up the east face of Tibro.


Difficulty: It's a super easy grade 4 climb that anyone can do so don't be put off by thinking your not ready for it, and the views are spectacular. This trip is a great way to get into climbing in the great outdoors, and is a must do for any new members of the club!

You can find more information here: ... a/12229027

Transport: We will depart from Kangaroo Point at the central lookout, at 7:30am on the dot. So aim to be there by 7:15am to give us time to sort everything out. The drive is a little less than an hour.
As long as we don't get too sidetracked we’ll be off the mountain by dark.

What you need to bring will be:
- Helmet
- Harness
- Belay Device
- Safeties
- Prussik
If you don't have any of the above things make sure you get in contact with the Quartermasters (Aaron & Andrew) at least 2 KP sessions before the trip, this will allow for collection time.

- At least 1-2L of water
- Some light snacks
- Rain jacket (incase we decide to battle the weather)
- Sunscreen
- Head torch (we may be out at dusk, phone torch may suffice but wont be helpful when you need to use your hands.
- Pub meal money

Rock climbing shoes are not essential, but you'll want to bring decent shoes with you (thongs perhaps aren't a smart idea)

There's also an expected fuel contribution of $5 each way for your drivers. Try to pay them before the end of the day, as people won't continue to drive places if they have to pay for all the fuel themselves.

So, if you want to join us on this awesome trip, you should post, as shown below. Sign-ups strictly close Thursday 15/3 at 8pm. Transport will be posted shortly after.

[b]Full Name: Ernie Salmon
Experience: Single Pitch Sport Leader
Transport: Can drive with space for 3
First Aid Certified: Yes

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