Climbing at Frog Thursday 28th of Sep

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Climbing at Frog Thursday 28th of Sep

Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:24 pm

Hey all,

I would like to head to Frog on Thursday for an early morning trip (28th of September). I was thinking of leaving Brisbane around 5am and then coming back around 12pm/1pm (to avoid the heat). I will be driving and can pick people up from the south side.

You don't need to be a trad leader, you just need to be a signed off seconder. You will need your own shoes, harness, belay device, helmet; but I can provide the rest.

If you don't recognize me, I've been with the Cliffhangers for ages (since 2003), but I don't get to down to climb with the club much at the moment. I can only take a maximum of 2 people on this trip, so get in quickly. Reply here if you are interested (don't be put off by the early day).

Wear a helmet. You don't want to be getting coloring books for christmas for the rest of your life.

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