Toohey Forest Bouldering - Sun 24/9/2017

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Toohey Forest Bouldering - Sun 24/9/2017

Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:41 pm

Toohey's Forest is just south of the city on the way to Mt Gravatt. It's super close and has a wide variety of boulders for some solid bouldering close to home. Perfect for a short trip after the hectic O-week happenings. The area is quite shady too, which will be nice in this summer heat.


The problems range from V0 to up to V11! Beginners may find these challenging, but that's half the fun, isn't it? As long as you come along with a can-do attitude you will have a great time.

Gear for this trip is simple, Shoes and Chalk! (Someone please bring the mats too :P)
Snacks and plenty of water are always advised.

Don't know what Bouldering is?
Bouldering is short, usually hard, climbing on boulders (sounds obvious, right?). It requires much less equipment and set up because instead of tying in we just chuck a few mats under you (don't worry you'll only be a metre or two off the ground). This generally results in a very laid back trip.

Check out here for all the details of the boulder problems you can find at Toohey.

We'll meet at KP at 10am SHARP (it's a very short drive). Please sign up below and let us know if you can take a mat or two! (please?)

Full Name: Committed Cliffhangers
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Transport: I can drive with room for 1 passenger and 1 boulder mat
Suburb: Upper Mt Gravatt
Gear Needs: Boulder Matt!
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Re: Toohey Forest Bouldering - Sun 24/9/2017

Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:45 pm

Will probably join:)

Full Name: Jonas Lind
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Transport: I'll probably take the bus straight there

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