Qld Climbers Survey - Win up to $500 in prizes

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Qld Climbers Survey - Win up to $500 in prizes

Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:18 am

Hi All,

I am trying to collate information of current climbers and people possibly interested in climbing the South East Queensland region. Participants go in the draw to win up to $500 in prizes.

This is open to everyone, climbers and non-climbers alike and the information will be used to assess the viability for building a new climbing wall in the south east region. So if you live in the south east corner, spread the word, and get your climbing friends involved, your non-climbing friends, your family, even distant mother in-laws. The more people that participate the more valid the survey results will be.

Please follow the link below to access the webpage and survey.


Any queries please feel free to contact us at hello@qldclimbing.com



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