How to use the QUT Cliffhangers Photo Gallery

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How to use the QUT Cliffhangers Photo Gallery

Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:54 pm

So, the QUT Cliffhangers has this awesome gallery software for you to put your photos on. It is really easy to use when you know how! This is a little guide to help those of you less computer literate.

So your first question is probably WHERE IS THIS GALLERY?!
If you look up in the top right corner of any page of the forum, just a bit below the search box there is a link that says "Gallery 2". This will take you there. There is also a link from the club website.

Now that you are in the gallery feel free to have a look around! There are already heaps of interesting pictures from all over the place!

To put your own pictures up you will need to be logged into the forum. If you don't have an account yet you can create one by clicking the "register" link. It is right next to the "Gallery 2" link in the top right corner.

Access your album by clicking the "Your Album" button in the top right region.

All the controls you need are over the right hand side.


There are three that will be most relevant to most people:

Add Album: For creating an entire new album, e.g. to put the photos of your aWesome weekend trip.
Add Comment: For if you want to comment on a photo, or an entire album! You can use this on other people's album's too!
Add Item: To add photos to an existing album (after you create it!)

You are probably quite versed in how to upload images using a web applet, and there is one under the "add item" list. It works just like facebook or any other website. However there is a MUCH better way to get ALL your photos up in one go.

The easiest way to get pictures up is with this magic tool that comes with Windows called "publish to web". To do this first click "Add Items" then click "Windows XP". From there click the link to download the .reg file. Once it is downloaded run it and choose yes when asked to add it to the registry. This file tells the windows upload applet where the QUT cliffhangers gallery is. You only ever need to do this once on your computer.

If for some reason you don't want to put that on your computer, you can use one of the other methods here. I recommend the "From Web Browser". The "Upload Applet" has been known to stuff up your pictures so you may want to avoid it!

Now, go to where your pictures are and click "Publish this folder to Web". If instead of options like this you see a list of folders on the left side you can hide that by clicking the little 'x' next to the "folders" heading.

Now follow the helpful prompts that Windows gives you, making sure to Select "Gallery at" for where you want to upload the files.

The next page lets you choose where you want to put the photos in your directory. As you add more and more albums you will have lots to choose from here. You can also put albums inside other albums. To create a new album at the top most level select your username and click the "new album button".

The next page contains info for the album you are creating, fill it in as you see fit. When you have created your album (or if you are adding to an old album) select the album name and click "Next".

You can probably ignore the settings on the next page, so hit next and you will get the "adjust image size window". On this choose "large" or leave them at full size. After hitting next it will upload the images.

Once they are done open the web page and admire your handywork!

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Re: How to use the QUT Cliffhangers Photo Gallery

Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:50 am

I think someone should make this a sticky.

PS, thanks for the great instruction mooj. I finally managed to load my photos onto the club gallery :)

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Re: How to use the QUT Cliffhangers Photo Gallery

Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:51 pm

and.... please.... remember to look at the weird shit :lol:

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Re: How to use the QUT Cliffhangers Photo Gallery

Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:03 pm

well ive just uploaded my first pics, some from yesterday at greville and summer holidays in Kazakhstan :)
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Re: How to use the QUT Cliffhangers Photo Gallery

Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:28 am

I'm fairly sure this is no longer relevant, so I'm going to unpin this
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